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Asbestos Removal
& Stabilisation in Essex

Asbestos removal can be a complicated process so we’ll assess your needs carefully to ensure every project is executed safely to protect all affected personnel. Whatever your asbestos problem, the Kadec team can design a suitable solution to remove or stabilise the asbestos hazard.

We allocate experienced project managers to all asbestos removal and stabilisation works in Essex, to ensure the project meets client’s objectives, minimises exposure and prevent the spread of asbestos.

Our qualified team in Essex is specialised in the unique and diverse challenges faced by asbestos remediation. Currently operating in many industry sectors our team has successfully delivered many projects where the normal approach simply didn’t work. For example, removing the ACM or applying thick coatings to encapsulate is not always suitable for clients. Working closely with specialists we have developed a selection of stabilisation products that dry to a clear finish and last significantly longer than the current industry products. Contact us to see exactly what asbestos removal options are available to you.

In line with the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 Asbestos treatments are now classified in three separate categories:-